No Equipment Workout

This workout consists of 6 exercises.  You can do them in a circuit and repeat between 3-5 times depending on your energy level and strength.  Listen to your body and make sure you keep good form throughout.  Here are a couple of tips for the exercises.

Squat to Single Leg Squat –  Keep a neutral spine and chest lifted.  Be careful not to hyperextend the low back or round through the mid back and allow the chest to fall. If you are not ready for a full single leg squat you can perform a small knee bend and focus on maintaining balance.

Plank Walk Out with Push Up –  Make sure your low back does not arch by engaging abdominals throughout the entire movement.  (Think belt buckle to your chin, ribs down, belly button towards spine). If the pushup is too hard on the ground, try elevating yourself up to a step.  Alternatively you can also just eliminate the pushup and double up on the walk outs.

Lunge with Lateral Hop – Make sure your knee does not travel too far forward.  Slow down and focus on the glutes and hamstrings pulling you back up to balance.  As you hop to the side make sure to land with a soft knee.  If the hop is too hard then work on catching the balance at the top of each lunge.

Stork with Reaches –  Keep a nice neutral spine and do not let your low back arch.  Lift your back leg by using your glute and not your low back.  Make sure chest stays lifted and do not allow your shoulders to elevate towards your ears as your arms extend. As always, keep the abdominals engaged.

Side Plank with dips and abduction –  Make sure hand is directly under your shoulder and that you lift the top leg using your glute and not your hip flexor, by not allowing that leg to travel forward.  You should not feel this exercise in your back, make sure you are lifting with your obliques.  A modification is to do this elevated on a block or on the floor with your bottom knee on the floor.

Single Leg Bridge –  Make sure your pelvis is tucked under and your low back is not arched.   You should feel your hamstring and glute.  If single leg is too much you can always do these with both feet on the ground.