“Katie is smart, innovative and effective when it comes to movement of the human body. I got the privilege of working alongside her for many years and on more than one occasion I stole an awesome exercise from her programming. Just working next to her made me better at my job. Her knowledge of the human body and her pursuit for continuous learning is inspiring.” – Core Exercise Solutions, Sarah Duvall, DPT

“I have been a client of Katie St. Clair’s for 9 years, both individually and in a group setting. I’m a 69 year old woman with multiple arthritic joints. Katie has helped me improve my mobility, increase my range of motion, and strengthen every part of my body. She has coached me through several injuries and kept me moving. Each workout is interesting, challenging, and tailored to each client’s needs.  Without her, I am sure I would not be able to travel extensively, hike, garden and live the active life that I do. You won’t find a more knowledgeable or committed trainer.”  — Susan Wigley

“Katie is the best of the best. She pushes me hard but at the same time makes sure every exercise is done with proper form to prevent injuries. I love her enthusiasm, her amazing knowledge and her kindness.”  — Anette McAbee

“Katie St. Clair is a highly skilled, intuitive personal trainer who is dedicated not just to physical fitness but to healing. She brings a contagious energy to work every day, as well an almost algorithmic memory of a particular client’s needs. I have used trainers for decades in various locales, and I sincerely believe Katie is the most knowledgeable, most effective I have seen.”  — John Huey

“I have been working with Katie St. Clair for 6 years. She is an excellent personal trainer. Katie works with our group and can quickly modify all exercises to accommodate those of us who have issues with knees, back, or other body parts. I appreciate the fact that Katie is prepared, has a plan, and keeps the session moving with very little lag time. I highly recommend Katie as a personal trainer.” — Judy Annan

“Katie St. Clair is awesome. She really gets it. She helped me prepare for and recover from hip surgery by working closely with me in one-on-one workouts. She targeted the core, hip and leg muscles affecting my hip. She really knows how to encourage you to workout hard, but not too hard — and without the bullying that too many trainers employ. She has a great way about her. I’m excited to see Katie every time I go to the gym. She can adjust my workout on the fly if something hurts or isn’t working. She’s very knowledgable and friendly.” — Reggie Fairchild

“I have been training with Katie for a while now and can say that she is the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever worked with.  Katie combines unique and innovative moves to challenge multiple body systems.  She challenges your strength, endurance and balance and truly understands the importance of functional training.  She has gotten me to do things I never thought possible.” — Sara Kraft PT, DPT, NCS, ATP

“I have never had a better trainer. Katie is so knowledgable and up to date on new concepts and approaches. And she has a killer sense of humor!” — Andrea Ferguson

“I have been working with Katie St. Clair for almost a year and would highly recommend her for Personal Training. She has been very knowledgeable and thorough with her approach to my workout needs. I presented to her months ago with a knee and occasional shoulder issues. She has helped me tremendously with muscle strength and posture alignment. As a result, I am stronger today and more capable of managing my occasional physical constraints. I like the fact that she is always striving to continue her education in body movement to better help her clients. Katie is always so pleasant and I look forward to my training sessions each week!” — Madelyn Stephens